Why Part Exchange?

Changing for a new caravan, either bigger, smaller or newer is an exciting time. One question that is often asked is ‘Why should I part exchange my current caravan?” In this page we will outline some useful reasons why part exchanging a caravan may be beneficial as part of the purchasing process.

It’s not all about the money

There is no doubt that if you sell your caravan privately you can obtain a higher asking price. Part exchanging a caravan is not about the money, but if a private sale is on the cards, be aware that advertising a caravan for sale can cost money, take up valuable time and at the end of this process there is no guarantee that the caravan will sell.

It is also rare that you will get the price you are asking for when selling privately. It’s almost certain that a buyer will want to haggle the price down, find fault and demand some sort of discount from what you are asking.

And, as mentioned above, it takes time.  Keeping it clean, having all paperwork ready, preparing to answer and demonstrate all the parts of the caravan to a new owner and making time for potential buyers to visit your home. Which leads us onto another consideration.

Storage wars

For owners that keep caravans in storage yards, selling caravans on site is often prohibited. Allowing members of the public in and around a storage compound can be a risk to the storage yard security arrangements. So, owners who want to sell the caravan will need to move the caravan to another location to sell.

For many, bringing a caravan back home isn’t an option so selling in a mutual public location would seem the logical answer. However, think carefully if you are selling a caravan in a layby or car park. And if you are buying from such a location, ask the seller why.


One key benefit of part exchanging a caravan is having some equipment transferred by the dealership to your new purchase. Items that include motor movers, leisure batteries, gas bottles, trackers, in fact any feature you have added to the caravan can be moved by a professional team to the new caravan.

This will form part of the deal when buying a new caravan, so do check in with the sales team to ensure that any specifics you have can be moved across.

Transfer of belongings

The real benefit of part exchanging a caravan is the collection day of the new caravan. You can arrive at one of our locations with your current caravan, be shown around the new purchase, and be left to transfer your personal belongings to your new caravan.

When you are finished you can leave with your new caravan hitched up, loaded with your possessions and ready for a new adventure. This means your home will not be filled with all your personal belongings, such as bedding, water & waste containers, BBQ parts and the essential boules set.


A part exchange is a hassle-free method of dealing with your existing caravan. Taking the stress away from selling a caravan privately, allowing the exchange of installed equipment and being able to take time to move possessions across from one caravan to another all contribute to a comprehensive list of benefits and positive reasons to part exchange your current caravan.

For more information about part exchange and a quotation on the trade in value of your current caravan, contact us, or pop in and speak with our sales team, who can run through more details with you.

Dan Trudgian recently uploaded a video discussing his decision to part exchange his current caravan for a brand-new model. Check out his video here: