Top 10 Motorhome Accessories

After buying a new motorhome, there are a few items that still need to be purchased to get the most from your new vehicle, but with an endless list of accessories and must-haves what items should you buy? To help, we have listed our essential motorhome accessories.

Solar Panel

Having uninterrupted power away from any electrical hook up is great for any off-grid holidays or day trips. A solar panel can trickle charge a vehicle’s leisure battery even in moderately cloudy weather.

If the motorhome is stored at a secure storage compound, the charged leisure battery will keep any alarm or tracker active and fully operational. Solar panels can come as standard equipment or added on as an optional extra.

Avtex TV

A 12v Avtex TV is perfect for viewing TV even when not connected to mains hook up. With an in-built DVD player and with comprehensive connectivity, you can plug further accessories such as Soundbars and USB drives.

Different models also have inbuilt Satellite receivers so, you can watch FreeSat with no additional set-top box.

And if you subscribe to streaming services, such as Netflix and have WiFi, you can add Smart TV sticks via an HDMI socket, that work directly with the TV. Screen sizes from 18” to 24” mean you can have the perfect TV set up without dominating the interior space.

Quest Lakeland Grassmere Swivel back chair

This lightweight portable chair adds extra comfort due to its unique swivel back design, allowing you to sit up comfortably or laze back when required.

The chair folds down and is stored in a carry bag which can be easily stowed away under a seat or in a locker.

Steering wheel lock.

Visible security items are always a useful deterrent, and in some cases can offer a discount on motorhome insurances, if declared on your policy.

This Milenco steering wheel lock fits over the steering wheel and prevents the wheel from moving by blocking the driver’s legs or by resting against the windscreen.

Filling hose

Once on a campsite, perhaps the first thing to do is fill your motorhome with fresh water. Many service points do come with a short hose, but it’s always recommended to carry your own hose for times there is no dedicated motorhome service point available.

This food-grade hose and attachment folds flat when not in use and comes with a variety of attachments to allow easy connection to any freshwater tap.

Maypole Lithium – Ion Power bank

This universal power bank can recharge any USB powered device including phones and tablets, but also can provide a boost if the vehicle battery has become flat.

This power bank is small, lightweight and very useful around the motorhome.

Cadac BBQ

Outdoor eating couldn’t be easier with the Cadac range of grills and accessories. Cadac has a selection of grills that are gas-powered and in a variety of sizes to suit your own needs.

For large families, the Carry Chef 2 will provide a large surface, whereas the Safari Chef can easily accommodate 2 people. The grills are easily broken down, easy to clean and can be run from an onboard gas outlet or individual gas canisters.


Having a torch to hand is always very useful. This Lil Larry torch with 250 lumens provides a bright white beam to light up your path or item that requires more light.

This is a perfect addition to any motorhome for attending to services at night or looking in locker or cupboard corners.

Waterless wash & wax

Removing traffic dirt, mud or other organic deposits can be easily done using Greased Lightening waterless wash and wax. This product does not require running water instead, can be sprayed on and wiped off leaving a clean waxy surface that will repeal any further contaminants.

Use this with a microfibre cloth, to keep the motorhome looking fresh and clean.

Wind break

Providing a break from any light breeze can be easily achieved by erecting one of these Kampa Air windbreaks. Being an air windbreak means this can be erected quickly and easily, without the need for hammering stakes in the ground and they can be stored in a small space when not required.

The Kampa Air Windbreak comes complete with pegs, guylines and a pump.

So, here are our top 10 essential motorhome accessories. Other notable mentions include toilet chemicals, a pair of levelling ramps and a stovetop kettle.

As I’m sure you can agree there is a wide variety of accessories available for anyone who owns a motorhome or caravan and for further inspiration or to purchase any of the items above, why not pop into our accessories shops at either Swindon, Oxford or Reading Caravan & Motorhome centre.